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Zevenwacht 360° Sauvignon Blanc 2017

The nose shows concentrated aromas of crushed fig leaves, guava and passion fruit, with hints of grapefruit that continues on to the palate. The generous mouth feel is supported with a fine natural lime acidity that gives the wine length and focus. Previous vintages confirm that this wine ages beautifully and develops more complexity over time as flavours subtly change.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 2.1  pH: 3.29  TA: 6.7  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht Z Gewürztraminer 2015

Appealing freshness and viscosity with luscious flavours of almond, litchi and turkish delight give this wine a seductive mid-palate and lingering creamy finish.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 1.7  pH: 3.28  TA: 6.0  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht Z Collection Reserve 2013

Rich and generous, this premium wine boasts a deep dark blue hue and whiffs of ripe red berries, infused with roasted coffee beans, tobacco leaves, cedar wood and cigar box. On the palate, expect concentrated black plum and a decadent dark chocolate finish. A full Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc.
Alc: 15.0  RS: 2.3  pH: 3.66  TA: 5.2  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht Z Collection Grenache 2015

A voluptuous alluring and rich wine, structured and spicey with an intense raspberry flavoured fruit on the nose and palate, followed through with a subtle white pepper spice.
Alc: 14.5  RS: 2.8  pH: 3.64  TA: 6.0  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht Z Syrah / Grenache 2011

This wine exudes enticing aromas of dried spices, white pepper, violets, concentrated black fruits and hints of dark chocolate. The palate is ripe, rich, fresh and layered with decadent spicy black currant flavours. A full-bodied wine with a bold, integrated tannin structure.
Alc: 14.5  RS: 3.4  pH: 3.4  TA: 5.3  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Clear and bright with a lime green tinge in colour, with complex aromas of crushed fig leaves, intense green guava skin and granadilla. The palate shows abundant granadilla, guava and riper green fig with a gooseberry oiliness, accentuated by a juicy, zesty grapefruit like citrus finish. The fresh acidity carries the fruit to the back of the palate and prolongs the lingering after-taste.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 2.2  pH: 3.2  TA: 6.6  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht Chenin Blanc 2017

A clear and bright wine with hints of lime and gold. The palate is rich and refreshing and contains elements of honey, nuts, ripe pineapple, yellow melon and hints of apricot and yellow peach.   The wine is classically dry, yet luxuriously silky with superb viscosity and length.  Reminds me of a fruit salad made with ripe yellow fruit on muesli and nuts, drizzled with yoghurt and honey.

Wine Style: Fresh, Medium-bodied & partially barrel fermented

Alc: 13.5  RS: 1.9  pH: 3.4  TA: 6.0  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht Barrel Fermented Chardonnay 2017

A bright wine with hints of lime and gold in colour. This Chardonnay has superb and distinctive flavours of citrus and pear with a subtle oak aroma of roasted almonds. The palate and nose are both rich and refreshing with a combination of lime-citrus and white pear flavours. This classically dry and silky wine has superb viscosity and length.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 1.8  pH: 3.33  TA: 6.2  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht Syrah 2015

Warm and vibrant white and black pepper undertones allure you to the mouth-filling flavours of black fruits, sweet violet and jasmine spice finishing with hints of white pepper. Its velvety feel leaves you mesmerized.
Alc: 14.0  RS: 3.0  pH: 3.59  TA: 5.5  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

This wine is big, bold and full-bodied with intense aromas of black bramble berries, black currant with a hint of blue berries and tobacco cigar box undertones. Oak aromas are well integrated and add to the complexity of the wine with underlying cedar and cigar box notes. Dark blackberry and plum flavours dominate the palate, followed by hints of cacao. A firm yet well integrated tannin structure and lingering finish.

Also available in 375 ml

Alc: 14.5  RS: 2.4  pH: 3.58  TA: 5.3  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht Merlot 2014

Rich and generous with plush concentrated flavours of plums, chocolate and a combination of red and black cherries. Layers of red fruit, strawberries and hints of red cherries that cover the palate from start to finish. For those with a fondness for a softer yet full-bodied Merlot, then this is your investment wine - a wine that, with maturation, will reward you handsomely.
Alc: 14.5  RS: 3.8  pH: 3.56  TA: 5.6  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht The Tin Mine White 2016

Ripe and exotic, a distinctive, spicy, perfumed wine that is rich and subtly oaked.   Complex aromas of dried yellow fruits and spice with a refreshing lime and citrus finish.
Alc: 14.0  RS: 1.9  pH: 3.31  TA: 5.6  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht The Tin Mine Red 2014

Purple red in colour, with the nose that exudes aromas of violets, dried spices and concentrated black prunes with a slow release of red cranberry and dark chocolate. The palate impresses with density on entry matched with persistent yet supple tannins - a multi layered wine. This texture is perfectly offset by balanced acidity that allows for a remarkable length of finish.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 4.8  pH: 3.51  TA: 5.2  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht 7even Sauvignon Blanc 2017

A dry, elegant, refreshing fruit driven wine. A perfect combination of greener sweeter fruits with a beautiful density on the palate and a zesty lime citrus finish.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 1.7  pH: 3.27  TA: 6.4  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht 7even Rood 2015

A luscious lifestyle wine with hints of red raspberry fruit and white pepper spice, giving a first impression of red berries and chocolate with slight cedar wood undertones. Soft pliable tannins lend subtle support to the structure, yet are unobtrusive on the succulent palate.
Alc: 14.0  RS: 4.2  pH: 3.49  TA: 5.5  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht 7even Bouquet Blanc 2017

Golden colour. A perfumed nose with lots of fruit, floral and spicey aromas. Flavours of litchi, lime and yellow fruit. A complex aromatic wine, with well-balanced sugar and acidity, this wine provides a long crisp finish with layers of fruit and floral tones.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 10.1  pH: 3.38  TA: 5.4  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht 7even Rosé 2017

A wine with a delicate, beautiful salmon pink colour. Rose petals on the nose with fresh ripe strawberries on the palate – a long lingering fresh taste. A delicious lifestyle wine, elegant and soft.
Alc: 13.5  RS: 2.6  pH: 3.35  TA: 5.4  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

Zevenwacht 7even Pinotage 2016

A vibrant, Pinotage with chocolate, plum and dark cherry aromas that follow through on the palate. A well integrated wine with firm dark chocolate tannin.
Alc: 14.5  RS: 3.5  pH: 3.63  TA: 5.1  VA:  TSO2:  FSO2:

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